Race Discrimination Attorney in San Diego

Race Discrimination Attorney in San Diego

San Diego Racial Discrimination; Are You the Victim of Race Discrimination in San Diego?

Although it is known as America’s “Finest City,” San Diego still leads many cities in the number of race discrimination cases reported annually.  While the number of cases may be on the decline, racism in the workplace continues to remain prevalent even though it is prohibited on the federal, state and local level.

On the federal level, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of race or color, among other protected groups.  The types of discrimination include firing, failure to hire or promote, denial of benefits, and permitting harassment even after the employee or applicant complained.  Alongside the prohibition on discrimination, Title VII also inhibits employers from retaliating against employees who complain about the discrimination.  This applies to both the employees themselves or when they complain on behalf of another employee.  After the employee files the proper paperwork with the government agency (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the Department of Fair Employment and Housing and obtains the Right to Sue Letter), the employee has a private right of action.   This means that the employee can then bring his or her case in civil court.    This is why it’s vital that the employee retains the services of a competent race discrimination attorney to ensure that his or her rights are adequately represented.

On the state level, California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”) prohibits employment discrimination, harassment, and retaliation based on race.  If proven in court, a plaintiff may recover unlimited monetary damages, including back pay, emotional distress, punitive damages, and any other out-of-pocket losses. Complaints must first be filed with Department of Fair Employment and Housing (“DFEH”) within one year from the date of the alleged unlawful act.  They may then be filed in court.

If you have any doubt whether you were the victim of race discrimination at work, there are several elements that may assist in your analysis.  If an applicant was denied the job, or the employee was fired, denied a promotion or a raise, given lesser compensation or benefits, or treated in an adverse way different than his or her co-workers, then the likelihood is that there was race discrimination.

Constructive Discharge  

There is also the chance that the employee was discriminated against on the basis of race through what is called “constructive discharge.”  This occurs when an employer creates such an intolerable workplace condition or experience that the employee is forced to quit.

If you or one of your co-workers was discriminated against due to race, it is crucial that you contact a San Diego employment attorney as soon as possible since the time may run out on your claim.  An experienced, resourceful, and knowledgeable lawyer may be able to obtain a significant amount of back pay, front pay, and related compensation on your behalf following the illegal actions of your employer.

Employment discrimination cases are some of the most common, and complex, cases in California.  They demand attorneys who are well-versed in the vast variety of laws and equipped with the experience and resources to gauge the exact parameters of each fact pattern and case.  The success of each case hinges and the amount of compensation for lost wages, benefits, emotional harm, and other related damages is contingent upon the representation.  Trust the specialized attorneys at Stephen Danz and Associates for a thorough understanding of your case and the proper application of the laws as your Race Discrimination Attorney  San Diego.

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Race Discrimination Attorney in San Diego

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