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In Santa Clara, and elsewhere throughout California, there are a number of states and federally protected personal attributes where it is illegal for employers to intentionally discriminate against employees.  Among the many protected categories, the race is one of the most dominant as it is protected by both California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”) as well as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (“Title VII”).  In general, it is a violation for employers to discriminate against applicants and employees due to their race or skin color.  Moreover, this includes adverse employment decisions based on stereotypes or false presumptions linked to a certain race or color.

As soon as you, or a co-worker, experience race or color discrimination, do not hesitate to contact our  Race Discrimination Attorney in Santa Clara at 877-789-9707 for a safe, secure, and confidential free consultation.  We have some of the most experienced race discrimination employment law attorneys in California and would be honored to represent you.  Even if your case does not meet the elements of race discrimination, it may involve other types of discrimination or retaliation.

What is Discrimination Based On Race?

From our decades of trials, we have noticed trends and commonalities among cases.  When an organization’s policies are aimed against certain characteristics such as facial features, genetic predisposition, and hair types, that is clear discrimination.  This is especially true when a certain protected group such as African-Americans are targeted for their pre-disposed features.   If any employer policy, adverse action, or practice resembles this type of behavior, contact a race discrimination attorney immediately.

What is Discrimination Based on Color?

There are several categories of color discrimination that go beyond regular race discrimination.  Some of these include discrimination based on skin pigmentation, complexion, color, and tone.  Therefore, if you or a co-worker were treated differently based on those categories, contact our office right away for an analysis of your case since the Plaintiff initially carries the burden of proving the elements of said discrimination.

How Am I Protected Against Race and Color Discrimination?

When you are an applicant, you must be treated fairly and consistently by the employer without regard to your race or color, nor can the employer ask for information that would identify you of a certain race or color.  Further, the conditions of your employment may not take into consideration your race or color when the employer provides you with benefits, compensation, terms, and privileges. While you’re working, the employer must ensure that your workplace environment is free from harassment such as derogatory comments or unsafe conditions, and you may not be segregated or classified based on your race or color.  Finally, if you file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) or Department of Fair Employment and Housing (“DFEH”), that is your right and the employer may not take any retaliatory actions against you.

Specialization in Race Discrimination Makes the Difference

As a California employee-side law firm, we have the experience and resources to ensure that Santa Clara employees are adequately represented.  Throughout every sector and covering employers with more than five employees, federal and state laws ensure that employees have the right to a safe, secure, and fair workplace free from discrimination.  If you have been the victim of employment discrimination at work, our attorneys are here to fight for you.   With decades of collective experience and the resources to take on the largest corporations, our firm is well-positioned to fight on behalf of all victims of employment discrimination based on race.

FEHA applies to California employers with five or more employees.  Recently, FEHA’s definition of what an employee is for the purposes of coverage expanded to include employees that do not work within the borders of California.  As long as there is one employee working in California, the total number may include the other out of state workers toward FEHA’s five employee threshold.  In addition, workers do not have to be employees and may be unpaid interns or volunteers to add up to FEHA’s five workers requirement.  Title VII applies to all employers that have 15 or more employees. There is also an interesting expansion to the enforcement ability of the DFEH.  Currently, DFEH regulators may act to prevent discrimination or harassment in the workplace even if such violations have not taken place yet.

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