Race Discrimination Attorney in Orange County

Race Discrimination Attorney in Orange County

Although California is known as one of the most liberal and employee-friendly states, racism still exists at many of its workplaces, especially within Orange County.  In response, attorneys the Race Discrimination Attorney in Orange County are ready to represent any and all employees who experience or believe that their co-workers experience race or color discrimination.  If you or your colleagues faced discrimination based on race, skin color, ethnicity, or any of its related appearances, in violation of California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”) or Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (“Title VII”), contact our office today.

FEHA and Title VII ensure that employees may not be denied equal employment opportunities or treatment due to their racial group or perceived racial group, race-based connection such as hair texture, facial hair, facial features, clothing, or even marriage to or association with someone of a different race or color.  Accordingly, employers are prohibited from making employment-related decisions based on these characteristics, stereotypes or assumptions about the resulting abilities, performance or habits of certain racial groups.   The groups most often relegated to such mistreatment are African-Americans, Asians, Latinos, Hispanics, Arabs, Native-Americans, Indians, or multi-racial.

What Are the Different Types of Claims?

After our clients contact our office, and the attorneys identify a violation, there are several bases within which lawsuits may be brought.  One of these is based on Disparate Treatment Discrimination.  This is when race is the motivating factor behind an employer’s treatment of its employees.  Another basis is Disparate Impact Discrimination.  This occurs when an employer’s passiveness policy or practice creates or allows, substantial negative impact on a racial group and such policy or practice is not job-related, connected to a business necessity, or there is a legal alternative that the employer refuses to adopt.

If you suffered or witnessed either of these fundamental occurrences, do not hesitate from contacting Stephen Danz and Associates at 877-789-9707 for a free no obligation consultation as a Race Discrimination Attorney in Orange County.  Some of the most frequent types of employer actions that lead to discrimination claims include the following:

  • The employer curbs an employee’s advancement, promotion or benefits based on his or her race even though the minority had more experience and/or education;
  • Job openings were reserved for white employees because they were the same race as the clients;
  • Harassment was allowed to continue leading to a hostile work environment even though complaints were submitted to the employer’s Human Resources Department;
  • Management uses or permits derogatory language or racially-motivated jokes to be used in the workplace;
  • Employees were discriminated against based on their association or marriage with a member of a certain race especially inter-racial relationships;
  • Minority managers held to higher standards than their white counterparts;
  • Employees are assigned certain positions or tasks based on their race;
  • Job applications include categories for race or interviewers who make notes on the application form showing that a given applicant belonged to a minority race;
  • During layoffs, a given race group was targeted more harshly than other races who were reassigned to other departments.

Retaliation in the Workplace

California state law and federal law prohibit employers from taking retaliatory steps against employees who engaged in protected activity such as opposing practices or policies that the employees believe are unlawful.  These may be based on discrimination statutes in FEHA and Title VII where it protects employees who complain to a government/enforcement agency, testifying, participating in investigations or other related conduct.   Therefore, employees who complain have the same protections afforded to those actually discriminated against based on race or color discrimination.

Thankfully, the employment discrimination attorneys at Stephen Danz and Associates also focus on Retaliation in the workplace.  Accordingly, if you witnessed either discrimination or retaliation, call us at 877-789-9707 to receive a complimentary no obligation confidential consultation and review of your case.  Employment cases are mostly based on contingency fees and therefore no costs are collected upfront. Upon settlement or conclusion of litigation, our employment attorneys receive their compensation based on the results of your race discrimination case.

Track Record of Our Attorneys

With a track record of over 40 years, the employment discrimination attorneys at Stephen Danz and Associates are able to successfully represent Orange County employees in a range of cases.  From the time our firm takes the case, our clients quickly realize that they are in capable hands.  Experience speaks volumes, and our representation of hundreds of clients in the Orange County area on matters where companies violated federal and/or state laws is beyond reproach.

As the preeminent law firm in Orange County counseling clients on race discrimination within both Title VII and California’s FEHA matters, we are here to fight for you.  If you’ve been prejudiced, mistreated, or terminated based on your race, a co-worker experienced such discrimination, (or even if it’s merely perceived), contact our office as soon as possible.

Many of the cases that we handle involve employers who treat employees differently by (un)equal pay which is now a violation both under federal law of the Equal Pay Act and California’s Fair Pay Act.  Minorities face an uphill battle when they are not promoted, harassed, or discriminated against based on their race.  All California employers, regardless of size, must prohibit harassment in the workplace that is related to the racial protected class.

Our specialized attorneys handle race discrimination based on unfair treatment, unlawful pre-hire questionnaires, and racial profiling.  One of the underlying requirements that employers have is to provide reasonable accommodation.  Therefore, for instance, if an employee is a part of a certain racial group, the employer may not take that into consideration when deciding on employment-related matters.

For a free, no obligation evaluation of your case, call us today at (877)789-9707 to speak to our employment discrimination attorneys about your employment, civil rights or class action case.


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Race Discrimination Attorney in Orange County

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