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San Bernardino racial discrimination attorneys are here to help guide you on your path to success.  Our firm prides itself for years of success in Southern California and especially in San Bernardino.   To ensure that your rights are preserved, our attorneys stay on top of the most pertinent laws and are familiar with the local courts, cases, and industry trends.  The laws that are most common include Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (“Title VII”), 42 USC 1981, and California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”).  These laws prohibit employers from making employment decisions based on an applicant or employee’s race.  Accordingly, race discrimination may involve actual overt racial discrimination, an employer allowance of the hostile work environment to exist, failure to hire, compensate or promote a certain racial group, unequal pay based on someone’s race, or termination or demotion based on an employee’s color or racial background.

All of these laws dissuade but do not completely curtail employers’ from discrimination.  Still, we hear reports from clients that they were not recruited, hired, or promoted due to their race.  We also hear about employers not allowing a certain race to work certain assignments, being judged on different standards in performance measures, not receiving the same type of training, being disciplined unfairly and experiencing discharge or termination based on their race or color.

How to Identify Race Discrimination

It is unlawful for employers to consider race or color when they make employment decisions.  However, what our attorneys observe is that employers will hide their racially discriminatory ideology through certain testing and application information requests (such as criminal background checks) in the application process.  In addition, companies may not enforce certain policies that negatively affect certain racial groups such as dress codes, language requirements or other preferences.  It is also important to note that FEHA and Title VII protect all races which include majority and minority groups.  Also, a supervisor of the same race may still be found as discriminating against an applicant or employee of the same race.

FEHA and Title VII protect these same applicants and employees from retaliation when they complained or reported their employer or participated in government investigations of another individual’s discrimination case.  Employees also may not be discriminated against for reporting employer violations of law.  If these employers are found to have discriminated or retaliated, courts may render judgments that include back and front pay, reinstatement, emotional distress, compensatory damages, attorneys’ fees, court costs, and punitive damages if the court wants to punish outrageous behavior or set an example for other employers to follow.

Contact our employment discrimination lawyers as soon as you believe that you’ve been discriminated against since you may only have six short months from the last date of discrimination.

Harassment and Hostile Work Environment

There are specific laws that prohibit harassment at work which may be portrayed by certain offensive behavior such as slurs, derogatory comments, or other abuse due to someone’s race or color.  This behavior must be unwelcome and offensive to the protected group and constant enough to meet the severe or pervasive thresholds.  It is also required that companies act to prevent unlawful harassment and cannot turn a blind eye towards it especially once they have been placed on notice.

Race or color discrimination may not be the basis or motive that employers use for differences in pay, benefits, work assignments, performance evaluations, training, discipline or discharge, or any other related actions within the employment landscape.  If you have been, or believe that you have been, discriminated against based on your race or color, contact our San Bernardino Race Discrimination Attorney for a complimentary initial consultation at (877)789-9707.

A Race Discrimination Attorney Will Ensure Justice is Served

When racism veers its ugly head in the workplace, that act is inexcusable and illegal.  Discrimination based on race or color is, therefore, one of the worse and most harmful events that can occur to an applicant or employee.  Therefore, do not hesitate to contact an attorney if such an event takes place.

Our Track Record of Proven Results Sets the Pace for the Industry

California, and San Bernardino, in particular, is home to some of the most diverse workforce in the U.S.  After repeated government and legislative actions on the federal, state, and local level, individuals from all racial backgrounds have unprecedented opportunities to work in all fields and industries.  However, even with all of the laws showcasing decades of civil rights advances, there are still remnants of racial prejudices in the workplace.  In response, our firm has assisted hundreds of clients to recover just compensation for being victims of many types of racial discrimination and retaliation.  It is sad, but the only way that businesses learn the laws prohibiting race discrimination is after they have violated the laws and judgments or settlements have affected them financially.

What Is Race Discrimination?

Under California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”) and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (“Title VII”), race discrimination occurs when an employer treats an employee negatively based on his or her race, or characteristics associated with that race.   Although racial discrimination takes many forms, there are certain common types that are prevalent:

The most rampant is employment actions based on race.  These may include none-hiring, demotion, firing, compensation, tasks, job assignments, skipped promotions, targeted layoffs, benefits and any other actions that affect the terms or conditions of employment as long as they are based on the employee’s race or racial appearance;

The permitting of hostile work environment or harassment where there are constant incidents such as slurs, jokes and aggressive behavior that create an unsafe/unsecured work atmosphere;

Corporate Policies and Practices that have adverse or negative impact on employees of a given race either overtly or covertly.  Certain types may be over where the unfairness is clear and creates unduly burdensome conditions for members of a race.  However, racial bias may also be covert where the true intent is hidden by made-believe lawful rationale.

The employee, or Plaintiff, has the burden of initially proving that there he or she was the victim of racial discrimination.  He or she can then seek compensation and corrective action by first filing the claim with the respective agency and obtaining the Right to Sue letter.  Your attorney would then guide you in an effort to compensate you for the discrimination, harassment, or retaliation that you suffered by different means such as Financial Compensation (monetary damages including back pay that you should have received if the discrimination did not occur, and compensation due to the victim who suffered the embarrassment, emotional distress, and humiliation from the discrimination), or Injunctive Relief (ensuring that such conduct does not continue and/or requiring the employer to restore the victim to the place where he or she would have been had the race discrimination harm had not occurred).  There are other types of damages such as medical costs resulting from the harm caused or punitive damages in extreme cases where they are designed to punish the employer as well as other companies from engaging in similar future conduct.

What Our Attorneys Can Do For Victims of Race Discrimination

When you contact our office, you will be able to discuss the facts of your case with an attorney.   At that point, the attorney will guide you every step of the way.  You will no longer feel powerless and your rights will be protected.  We will inform you of the strengths and weaknesses of your case and hold your employer responsible for any discriminatory or retaliatory conduct.  With our knowledge, experience, and resources, we are able to take on companies and their counsel of all sizes since cases ultimately are dependent on the facts that transpired.  As a statewide California employee-side law firm, we do not back down from any situation.  Rest assured that we will lead you adequately toward proper resolution of your case through depositions of witnesses, subpoenas of files, investigations, and other strategic maneuvers at our disposal as attorneys.

From the initial free phone call consultation, we will advise you of the legal options available against the employer.  Since our fee basis is contingent on the success of the case, rest assured that no fees would be collected during the litigation process.  Plus we are compensated only if we are successful.

Employment Discrimination is Our Focus

Employment discrimination cases are some of the most common, and complex, cases in California.  They demand attorneys who are well-versed in the vast variety of laws and equipped with the experience and resources to gauge the exact parameters of each fact pattern and case.  The success of each case hinges and the amount of compensation for lost wages, benefits, emotional harm, and other related damages is contingent upon the representation.  Trust the specialized attorneys at Stephen Danz and Associates for a thorough understanding of your case and the proper application of the laws.

Our specialized exclusively employee-side attorneys review the case with you at your convenience and remain involved each step of the way.   Often, this involves a review of the facts, request, and analysis of the evidence through subpoena, deposition of your supervisor and those involved in the decision-making, and many other resources that are well beyond the capability of smaller law firms.

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To truly evaluate whether your case qualifies as infringing on, or in violation of, federal or state laws, contact our office for an initial free consultation at (877)789-9707.  At the conclusion of the legal consultation, our attorney will immediately let you know the strength of your case.  We can also meet with you in person in San Bernardino and its surrounding areas.


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