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Over the last decade, employers and employees have become more knowledgeable about what behavior is permitted in the workplace.  However, many employers are still unfortunately violating many anti-discrimination laws.  Accordingly, the attorneys at Stephen Danz and Associates bring decades of experience and knowledge to employment law matters in Southern California.  Specifically, our Santa Clara employment law clients benefit from local attorneys who are knowledgeable in the local court system and have a commitment to the cases we handle on their behalf.  If you lost your job or been retaliated against due to your reporting of any violation of discrimination or anti-retaliation laws, you have options.  California employees enjoy some of the most protected work environments in the country.  Over the last 40 years, our attorneys have represented employees throughout California.  Stephen Danz and Associates is proud to ensure that those who discriminate, harass or retaliate are served the penalties they deserve.

Below, we list helpful information, and reminders, of many common laws that are violated by California employers.  Contact our office for additional information about any of the following.

What Law Protects School Visits by Parents in California?

(Labor Code Section 230.8)

An employer who employs 25 or more employees working at the same location shall not discharge or in any way discriminate against an employee who is a parent of one or more children of the age to attend kindergarten or grades 1 to 12, inclusive, or a licensed child care provider, for taking off up to 40 hours each year, for the purpose of either of the following child-related activities:

(A)To find, enroll, or reenroll the child in a school or with a licensed child care provider, or to participate in activities of the school or licensed child care provider of the child, if the employee, prior to taking the time off, gives reasonable notice to the employer of the planned absence of the employee. Time off for this purpose may not exceed eight hours in any calendar month of the year.

(B)To address a child care provider or school emergency, if the employee gives notice to the employer.


What California Law Protects Volunteer Firefighters, Reserve Peace Officers, and Emergency Rescue Personnel?

(Labor Code Section 230.3)

This law prohibits any employer from discharging or in any manner discriminating against an employee for taking time off to perform emergency duty as a volunteer firefighter, reserve peace officer, or emergency rescue personnel.

However, it does not apply to any public safety agency or provider of emergency medical services when, as determined by the employer, the employee’s absence would hinder the availability of public safety or emergency medical services.

An employee who is a health care provider must notify the employer at the time the employee becomes designated as emergency rescue personnel and when the employee is notified that he or she will be deployed as a result of that designation.

What California Labor Code Protects Wage Amount Disclosure?

(Labor Code Section 232)

An employer may not forbid an employee from disclosing the amount of his or her wages, nor require an employee to sign a writing that purports to forbid such disclosure.  Further, an employer may not discharge, discipline, or otherwise discriminate against an employee who discloses the amount of his or her compensation.

What Law in California Protects Working Conditions Disclosure?
(Labor Code Section 232.5)

An employer may not discharge, formally discipline, or otherwise discriminate against an employee who discloses information about the employer’s working conditions.  However, it is not intended to permit an employee to disclose proprietary information, trade secret information, or information otherwise subject to a legal privilege, without the consent of the employer.

What Labor Law in California Protects Parental Attendance at School of Suspended or Disciplined Child?

(Education Code Section 48900.1; Labor Code Section 230.7)

A school district may request that the parent or guardian of a pupil who has been suspended for specified disciplinary reasons attend the class from which the child was suspended after the child’s return from suspension. No employer may discharge or in any manner discriminate against an employee who is the parent or guardian of a pupil for taking time off to appear in the pupil’s school pursuant to a request made under this law.  If the employee, prior to taking the time off, gives reasonable notice to the employer that he or she is requested to appear in the school.

What California Law Protects Employees from Health Insurance Coverage Assignments?

(Family Code Section 3769)

Statutory provisions governing family law proceedings authorize a court to order an employer to enroll a covered employee’s child in any available health care insurance coverage and to deduct the necessary premiums or contributions from the employee’s earnings. An employer may not use a health insurance coverage assignment for supported children as grounds for discharging or taking disciplinary action against an employee.