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Strong Representation When Santa Clarita Employers Violate Employee Rights

Employees have many rights. These rights include protection from discrimination when covered employers discriminate, sexually harass anyone at work, refuse to honor earned unpaid leave, fail to pay work injury benefits that are due, and violate other federal and state rights.

Workers whose rights are violated often have the right to back pay, back benefits, and job reinstatement. So that employers are deterred from misconduct, many laws require that employers pay the employee’s lawyers to pay legal fees and statutory fines. Employers can be forced to reinstate fired employers, provide just promotions, and give job applicants a fair chance. Employers can sometimes be forced to enact policies and procedures to protect employees from future misconduct.

The Santa Clarita employee lawyers at Stephen Danz & Associates, are experienced and respected trial lawyers. Combined, our lawyers have been fighting for employee rights for several hundred years. We try cases in federal and state courts, before arbitration panels, and before many different agencies. We work with investigators when needed and often conduct thorough legal discovery through depositions and other means to validate your claims.

Our Santa Clarita practice areas

  • Employment discrimination. Our Santa Clarita employee lawyers are strong advocates for anyone who is discriminated by covered employers who violate the Civil Rights of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA), or other applicable federal or state laws. Employers who are subject to the laws due to their size or other reasons cannot discriminate employees due to race, religion, country of national origin, sex, a disability, your age if 40 or over, and other characteristics based on your identity.
  • Wrongful determination. Employers who are subject to relevant employment laws cannot fire anyone:
    • Who files a worker’s compensation claim for their injuries or illness
    • Who files a qui tam whistleblower action authorized by federal or state statute
    • Based on race, religion, color, or other covered factors
    • Who asserts any other protected employee right
  • Wrongful termination. Losing a job under any circumstances is frightening. Losing it because you asserted your rights or because of your race, sex or other factors is often illegal. Our Santa Clarita employee lawyers hold employers liable for ending your right to provide for yourself and your family. Employers must follow federal and state employment laws that govern ending employee relationships.
  • Unpaid work leaves of absence. The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) permits workers who qualify to take time off (up to a preset number of weeks) to welcome a new child into their family; to take care of a spouse, child, parent, or themselves; to help a member of the military under certain conditions.
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace. Employers, supervisors, coworkers, vendors, anyone involved with a company or businesses must respect all employees right to do their jobs. Employers who fail to supervise, monitor, or create policies to protect workers from lewd comments, embarrassing social media posts and other behaviors based on the employee’s sex should be held accountable. Workers cannot be denied a raise, promotion, or their job based on denying any sexual advancements. Our Santa Clarita lawyers calmly guide women and men who are harassed at work through the litigation process.
  • Overtime pay and meal breaks. When employers refuse to pay the overtime pay you rightfully earn or provide authorized meal breaks, our Santa Clarita wage and hour lawyers are ready to immediately hold employers accountable. Accountability means more than just a check for the pay you earned. It also includes statutory damages and legal fees. Employers understand our wage and hour lawyers protect employees to the fullest extent of the laws.
  • Worker’s compensation cases. Employees who are injured while doing their job or who develop an occupational illness have the right to competent medical treatment paid for by the employer or the employer’s insurance carrier. This includes hospital and doctor visits. For many injured workers, medical payments also include extensive treatments with pain management doctors, chiropractors, and therapists. Generally, workers are entitled to 2/3 of their lost wages up to a preset amount. Payments should cover the time the worker needs to return to work unless he/she has a permanent disability. Some workers may be entitled to vocational rehabilitation so they can be trained for another job.
  • Whistleblower cases. Employees have the absolute right to disclose to the federal or state government that an employer is overbilling, billing for services never rendered, upcoding, accepting kickbacks, providing services that aren’t necessary, and other wrongs. These claims involved Medicare and Medicaid fraud, Defense Department fraud, Tax fraud, and other wrongs. Our Santa Clarita lawyers understand what steps the employee must take to protect their right to a percentage of any recovery. We are also ready to immediately contest any job termination for disclosing or assisting in the disclosure of employer fraud.

Our trial lawyers also assert the rights of employees when employers try to enforce restrictive covenants or file claims that employees must keep employer information private if those claims are false

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