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Sex Harassment Rules in State and Federal Courts

Everyone pretty much understands getting unwanted sexual attention at work can form the basis for a charge of violation of the law. Most potential clients who contact us at Los Angeles Employment Attorney are familiar with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission but fewer still understand the role of the State of California’s role in preventing sex harassment and quid pro quo sex harassment. Our state’s laws are enfoced by the Department of Fair Employment and Housing. The laws differ in several ways, all of which seem to us to favor the state law approqch.

1. FEHA (the state law) prohibits harassment as well as discrimination;

2. If you are not technically an employee but workinng as an independent contractor, you are protected from sex harassment and discrimination;

3. State laws against harassment extend to ALL employers, not just those with more than 15 employees under federal ITitle VII) law or 5 employees under state law for protection against discrimination;

4. Our state’s laws extend to harassment by non profit hospitals and health csatre facilities;

For these reasons, most of our clients prefer to litigate in state court. Typical types of complaints may involve a supervisor who asks a female employee to work late so that he can be alone with her; a supervisor who uses the excuse of “close working quarters” to physically touch a female, and the llike. The laws protect you against like-kind sexual discrimination as well. Danz is here to hellp. Give us a call at 877 789 9707.