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Sexual Harassment, Abuse, and Exposure to Harmful Chemicals

Employee rights, ignored.  All in a day’s work at California Car Washes.

A few rushed minutes to scarf down some food, on a broken table sandwiched between buckets of dirty, smelly water and harmful chemicals;

Using these same chemicals that crack the skin on your hands and make you vomit if you breathe in their fumes;

Working for less than half of minimum wage;

Being threatened with a pistol if you complain;

Dragged into a store room where you’re sexually molested by your boss…

Welcome to your new job at one of nearly 500 of Los Angeles’ car washes.

As this report shows, the working conditions of LA car washes haven’t been seen in this country since the Great Depression. Latin workers, many of whom are here as undocumented, are taken advantage of, harassed and abused by their dark overlords, the owners and managers of these car washes.

In response to these deplorable conditions, community groups and the unions, AFL-CIO and the United Steel Workers, along with the ACLU and others have banded together to form the CLEAN Car Wash Campaign. CLEAN stands for Community Labor Environment Action Network.

They are fighting against the practice of making workers work for tips only (sometimes ending up with $20-30 for a ten hour day of work in the hot sun) and for meal and water breaks, and clean working conditions and protective gear…things that should be no brainers.

You can join the fight by visiting their website (listed after the video) and donating to this worthy cause.

If you or someone you know works at a car wash, under these deplorable conditions, call or put them in touch with Stephen Danz & Associates at (877) 789-9707 or use the Contact Form on this website to schedule a free consultation today. Stephen accepts cases on a contingency basis, to there is no need to come up with attorney’s fees or retainers ahead of time. He only recovers if you do!