Simi Valley Employment Attorney

Thousand Oaks, Ventura, Simi Valley, Moorpark Employment Attorney

Stephen Danz is a top employment attorney who has been helping out employees all around Los Angeles for 30 years. He can help employees in the area of Thousand Oaks, Ventura, Simi Valley and Moorpark, just to name a few.Steve is proud to present Brent Rosenseig as our co counsel for all cases in these areas. Brent works for uber-modern offices in the West Simi Valley and represents SD&A in numerous cases in Simi, Ventura and Kern Counties. Brent and Steve have worked together for nearly 15 years and achieved a fantastic record of settlements and awards on behalf of dozens of satisfied employees throughout Simi, Ventura, Los Angeles, and Kern County. Brent is currently working on a major sex harassment, quid pro quo case involving a prominent school district official in Kern County.

For example, a couple of the areas in which Stephen Danz specializes in helping employees out in are the following:

1. Sexual Harassment
2. Discrimination
3. Breach of Contract
4. Wrongful Termination
5. Fired Due to Sever Medical Condition

This is just a short list of what areas he can help employees out in. To find out the rest of the areas in which he specializes in, simply visit the corresponding link on this webpage.

The issue today is that many of these employees who face these problems usually do not have any idea what to do or who to turn to. In addition they are unaware of the fact that they can take their claim to court and win money as well as get their job back or in some cases even find a better one.
Give Employment Attorney Thousand Oaks, Ventura, Simi Valley or Moorpark a call today and find out if your claim can be taken to court. He will help fight for you and will not give up. If by any chance your case was unable to be won in court, you do not have to pay any money, only the costs. Do not hesitate to call. You could have a case waiting to be won in court.