Thank You Letters & Testimonials to Stephen Danz & Associates

I truly appreciate the time and guidance you have given me this morning. You took the edge off a very unsettling meeting I had this morning. For that, I’m grateful.

-Brittany M

Thank you very much, Steve! I am very impressed with your responsiveness and help. Regardless of this issue, I will surely reach out to you for any future legal employment help and will tell others about you.


Thank you! I feel a little like I climbed the mountain and sat at the feet of the Maters.

– Heather K

I cannot recommend Stephan Danz and Associates as Labor Lawyers highly enough.

In particular, Melanie Porter is a highly experienced and knowledgable attorney, who is a strong advocate for her clients. Her skills in mediation are second to none. Throughout the entire process, she was adept at gathering knowledge from all parties involved, knowing her client’s legal rights and advocating for them every step of the way. She has a knack for knowing that people – and often families are involved in these kinds of cases and are impacted. She knows the stresses involved and is highly responsive to them. She and Stephan Danz and Associates are also extremely responsive to their client’s questions – which during a case, can be many.

Stephen Danz and Melanie Porter’s experience, knowledge and knowing the human face of a case is refreshing to find, especially when your involved in a complex legal proceeding, which can often be drawn out and unfortunately bitter.

If you have a need for exceptional legal representation in the area of labor law, look no further that Melanie Porter and Stephan Danz and Associates.

It was an absolute pleasure meeting with you and talking in person, and speaking with Melanie over the phone! I feel very comfortable with both of you and really enjoyed discussing my case and working with you both today!


I want to take a moment and say thank you to Jody.  Jody, when we met I was extremely stressed out, hurt and saddened because of the employees I had to leave behind.  However, I knew my exit would make a difference not just for me, but for the greater good, and with you – it did!  Jody, I was so impressed by your work ethic for many reasons.  You listened. You took the time to read my documents over carefully.  You probed when you needed more information. You were honest, professional, transparent and candid when needed.  You always communicated with me timely.  I was never left in the dark about my case.  You responded to emails and phone calls quickly.  Not to mention you are compassionate.  I was told my settlement would take up to two years.  Jody, you dispelled that thinking by working not just on weekdays but weekends too.  I am extremely grateful for your partnership and I appreciate you more than words can say.   I am in a better place mentally because of your diligence to get this issue resolved.  Thank you, thank you and thank you!


Dear Stephen,

I would like to thank  your associate Ely for your kind help, support and extremely detailed insight into my case. Thank you for the referral and for your genuine personal approach to my situation. You have my deepest respect and admiration. He is my favorite lawyer ever yet so far.


Mr. Danz and Ms. Porter,

Thank you very much for your legal assistance a few weeks back. The problems I was encountering at work were having an extremely adverse effect on every aspect of my daily life. Relationships with my fiance, friends, and family were growing increasingly tense, and my overall daily outlook was grim as a consequence of not being able to see any viable options to remedy the situation. Your willingness to write, speak over the phone, and meet with me was extremely generous. Furthermore, the way in which you treated my family and me was overwhelming. In a calm, compassionate, and sincere fashion, you were able to explain to us very clearly several meaningful options in which to resolve the conflict I had with my employer. On the drive home from meeting with both of you, I felt for the first time in a long time, a sense of relief and renewed the ability to enjoy the moment.

Your confidence and professionalism in all of my interactions with you allowed me to trust you completely when advice was offered. I wrote a forceful letter to my employer that was as closely in line with the advice you gave I as could create. On the same day that I emailed the letter, I received a reply from my employer that demonstrated very clearly that I had his attention. Immediately after, I received verbal and written reassurances that the matter was being dealt with promptly. Within three weeks I was in the shop, and two weeks after that my application for the opening at a closer location was accepted. Every part of what I was asking for was granted, and then some.

I would love to fly you both to Hawaii for an all expense paid vacation, but my wife would kill me as we are still in the “postponed” phase of our honeymoon due to lack of funds. At the moment, I give you my most sincere appreciation. I understand that you are both business persons, and had the issue gone to trial or arbitration, much money could have been made. At no time though, did I sense that your motivation was driven by a desire to win money. You both seemed genuinely driven by a desire to help someone who did not readily see how to help himself. That to me is the definition of love and compassion. Thank you for treating my wife, daughter, and me with such love and compassion.

I apologize for it taking so long to get the above thanks to you. My tardiness is in no way an indication that I take this issue lightly. My tardiness IS the result of wanting to dedicate adequate time to compose a thank you that reflects the sincerity and magnitude of my gratitude.

One last thing. Mr. Danz, do you remember mentioning that I was hired as a form of advertisement for the company? You said it would be a way for them to show potential new-hires that one of the top Universal Technical Institute students works for us. Turns out you were dead on. I was asked two weeks ago if I was okay with being interviewed for an upcoming story regarding the company, and that I was one of two people in the entire company chosen. I thought you might get a kick out of that.

Thank you very much.

– Brendan C.

Client Endorses

I was able to buy a franchise and start my own business thanks to your hard work and six-figure settlement in my discrimination and wrongful termination case. Your hard work on my behalf, always being available to answer my questions about “what’s next”, were most reassuring. I have recommended you to several potential clients and will continue to do so. Thank you, Danz & Associates!

– Jeannie M.

Client Appreciation

I can’t say enough good things about Stephan Danz & Associates. Our case was particularly challenging, one that would likely have frightened off less skilled attorneys. Steve personally addressed our case, guiding us calmly through every step and ensuring that the process was civil and dignified. In the end, Steve negotiated a tremendous settlement for my co-plaintiff and me. Although more than five years have passed since our case began, I continue to send clients to Steve and his impressive team of attorneys.

– Susan C.

Deborah A

Pleased to highly recommend Brian and Steve for outstanding results in my recent whistleblower case. They were so well prepared that the matter settled for a very satisfactory amount in a confidential mediation.

– Deborah A

Robert Akers

First of all, I would like to share the fact that I shopped through many attorneys and was shot down by all of them due to the many legal gray areas in my case which nobody wanted to tackle. These attorneys I shopped for wanted a slam dunk case handed to them on a silver platter. When I first spoke with Pip she truly listened and was very compassionate and did not shy away one bit over the gray areas in my case, in fact, she embraced the challenge. Not only did they fight for my case, but they went beyond the call of duty and were instrumental in winning my EDD unemployment appeals case 3 times. I’m very pleased with Stephan Danz and Pip Smits, for my settlement and you guys will forever be heroes to me and my family thanks you.

– Robert Akers

Paige Guthrie and Susan Chapman

To Whom It May Concern,

We are very pleased to recommend the law firm, Stephen Danz & Associates, to address your employment-law needs. As highly satisfied clients, we have experienced firsthand the firm’s many benefits, with their work culminating in our receiving a $650,000 settlement from the University of California (UC) Regents.

Out attorney, Stephen Danz, provided us with personalized service and have been available to answer our questions. We could not have asked for more involved, more skilled, and more caring attorneys. Time after time, Mr. Danz has demonstrated a great understanding of our case and concerns and has helped us to address them in the most beneficial ways possible. We are delighted with how well the process proceeded and ecstatic about the outcome of our case.

For these reasons and myriad of others, we strongly recommend Stephen Danz & Associates.

-Paige Guthrie and Susan Chapman

Steve and his team were absolutely great in representing me in my pregnancy discrimination case. I felt like I was their only client and no call or email went ignored and in fact was answered if not immediately, within the hour. They arranged for a driver to pick me up as I couldn’t drive to the mediation. The case was settled that same day at mediation. Just amazing how the process unfolded and resolved so quickly. Not what one expects from the legal system!


Great Employment Attorney

I currently don’t drive and was faced with numerous legal documents which I needed my attorney’s help on. The associate attorney from Steve’s office who took me under his wing and actually took an Uber (as he doesn’t drive either!) to Steve’s nearest office in Irvine and met with me three separate times to help fill out the paperwork. I never once worried about the litigation process after Steve and his team took my case. The case is still active and it’s clear they have the defendants on the ropes. Can’t wait for the case to settle and getting this far in only a few months is beyond what other law firms told me was very doable. FIVE STARS to this Great Firm. I’ve already recommended several friends to them.


I will be forever thankful that you took my case and worked it all the way to win, not just that, you helped made a difference in the work law.  Blessings.
-Yoko D.