The Causes of Action Against Defendants in Wrongful Employment Discharge Cases

In the case of the employee who was terminated by Mattel, Inc. after nearly 50 years of service, there are numerous legal causes of actions that our employment lawyers asserted. These causes of actions are often asserted in similar wrongful employment termination cases. They are listed to show what laws and remedies apply to employment firing cases apply in addition to detailing the causes of action in the case that was filed.

Each cause of action differs somewhat on the laws that apply, the facts necessary to prove the claim, and the damages that can be sought. The facts, in general, are those that we summarized in our initial Cause of Action Checklist page

Wrongful Termination in Violation of Public Policy

The applicable laws

The fundamental protections against wrongful firing someone in violation of public policy is outlined in the following laws:

  1. California Business & Professions Code Section 17200 et seq
  2. California Labor Code Sections §1102.5;
  3. Government Code Sections §12940(a); §12940(k); §12940(m)

The public policy violations should be based on 

  1. Violations of the right to protection against discrimination based on their age
  2. Violations of the right to object to and oppose retaliation, harassment, and discrimination

Generally, a complaint against a business will also assert that the violations were “engaged in or ratified by an officer, director or managing agent of each corporate Defendant and were done with malice, oppression or fraud.”

The damage claim

The damage claim includes compensation for:

  • Emotional distress, general anxiety, grief, shame, humiliation, embarrassment, and anger.
  • General damages, losses in earnings, bonuses, deferred compensation, employment benefits, earning capacity, opportunities for advancement, work experience, and out-of-pocket expenses and consequential damages

Employees who file employment claims against their employer need to base their claim on the relevant federal and state laws. At the California law offices of Stephen Danz & Associates, we understand which laws apply to your case. We then prepare the right complaint and file it with the correct courts. We then work aggressively to document and prove each part of your claim. To schedule an appointment with an experienced employment lawyer, call us at (877)789-9707. Se Habla Espanol.