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Employers across California are required to comply with federal and state employment laws. These laws protect workers from different types of discrimination in hiring, firing, promotions, and the ability to do their job. Other laws allow workers to take unpaid leave to care for a newborn or a sick relative. There are protections for whistleblowers. California laws require that workers be paid properly for overtime and meal breaks.

At the Thousand Oaks law firm of Stephen Danz & Associates, our lawyers have hundreds of years of combined experience fighting for the rights of workers. We file the right claims in the correct courts and agencies. We anticipate the arguments employers make to try to deny your rights. We hold employers liable when they don’t play by the rules.

Types of recoveries we seek

When employers aren’t fair, our employee lawyers demand the following (depending on your case):

  • Job reinstatement, job promotion, or the right to do your job without adverse conditions
  • Back pay and back benefits including insurance and retirement benefits
  • Attorney fees and statutory damages
  • That employers create policies and procedures to prevent future abuses
  • Compensation for retaliatory firings

Our lead partner, Stephen Danz, has dedicated his career to helping workers right employer wrongs. He has developed a team of lawyers, investigators, and staff to collect and review the evidence needed to prove improper employer behavior. He and his team understand the persuasive arguments that convince arbitrators and judges that justice should prevail.

Our Thousand Oaks practice areas

We encourage workers who live in or near Thousand Oaks to contact our office if they have been treated unfairly based on any of the following issues:

  • Discrimination in the workplace. Employer discrimination laws vary depending on whether the employer is a public organization or a private company. The number of employees in the business is often a factor in determining whether discrimination laws apply. Employers who are subject to the relevant federal and state laws such as the Civil Rights Act of 1964 cannot discriminate against employees based on their:
    • Race
    • National origin
    • Gender
    • Age (if over 40)
    • Pregnancy status
    • Military status
    • Disability status
    • Sexual orientation
    • Other identity characteristics
  • Wrongful firings. Employees who are under contract can only be discharged in accordance with the terms of the contract. Many employees do not have a written contract – but they do have rights. Employers who discharge an employee because the worker asserted his/her legal rights or because of discrimination can be held accountable by experienced Thousand Oaks trial lawyers.
  • The Family and Medical Leave Act. This law was designed to allow qualifying employees the right to take an unpaid leave of up to at least 12 weeks in a year to:
    • Care for a child, spouse, or parent who is seriously ill
    • Care for a newborn, a new foster child, or a new adoptee
    • Care for their own illness
    • Care for a family member who is in need of military service
  • Overtime and meal break pay or time. California laws provide that employers who fail to pay for just overtime pay or fail to provide meal breaks that are due can be held liable for the financial loss and for statutory penalties designed to force compliance.
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace. Employers can’t create a hostile work environment for workers based on their sex. Workers can’t be pressured to provide sexual favors in return for career advancement. Employers are required to create policies and monitor work conditions so that lewd comments, inappropriate social media posts, and verbal abuse is not tolerated.
  • Whistleblower and qui tam actions. The federal government and state of California have enacted several laws to reward workers and others who disclose fraud by employers. Fraud includes overbilling Medicare, submitting false claims to the Department of Defense, cheating the IRS, and many other types of illegal behavior. Experienced whistleblower lawyers help claimants properly document and argue their claim. Successful workers are entitled to a percentage of any Justice Department or California recovery – if the proper steps are taken. Workers shouldn’t be fired for filing a whistleblower claim or helping someone else with their claim.
  • Workers compensation in California. Employees who suffer a workplace accident are entitled to wage loss compensation in accordance with California law. They are also entitled to seek medical treatment at the employer’s expense to do what’s needed to get healthy. Workers shouldn’t be forced back to work before they can do their job or another qualifying job. Our Thousand Oaks work injury lawyers fight for injured workers and workers who become ill due to an occupational illness.

Our Thousand Oaks employment lawyers also help employees when employers make unwarranted contract demands and false claims against employees. Some contracts, for example, may not comply with public policy.

Contact an experienced Thousand Oaks employee rights lawyer now

Many employees fail to understand they do have rights. Employers who mistreat employees often can be held liable for the ways they treat workers. Many claims can be settled without going to court. If claims are contested, our respected employee rights lawyers work aggressively to assert your rights. For help now, please call Stephen Danz & Associates at (877)-789-9707 or use our online contact form to schedule an appointment.