UCLA Oncologist Wins $13 Million Sex Discrimination case

UCLA Oncologist Wins $13 Million Sex Discrimination case

A Los Angeles Superior Court jury found that a female cancer researcher, Dr. Lauren Pinter-Brown, was treated unequally by her male colleagues. From 2005 to 2015, Doctor Pinter-Brown’s research focused on lymphoma. According to a CBS Los Angeles story. Doctor Pinter-Brown claimed that during this 10-year period her male counterparts made harsh comments about her and treated her differently than the male researchers.

The jury verdict against UCLA Health and David Geffen School of Medicine was broken down into two parts:

  • $3 million for economic damages – lost income and other financial damage
  • $10 million for non-economic damages – her pain and humiliation

Ms. Pinter-Brown asserted that during the 10-year research period the men:

  • Called her “a diva”
  • Said she was an “angry woman”
  • Told her “everyone hates you.”

In 2011, an argument with one colleague led her to fear for her safety

The jury took two days to reach its verdict. It was also persuaded that the school retaliated against her for filing the lawsuit. Ms. Brown brought her claim in 2016.

Though she is currently 63, the jury did not find her age bias complaint persuasive.

The doctor moved to University of California Irvine Health in December 2015.

UCLA Health and David Geffen School of Medicine stated it was considering its options. The story quoted the school as saying,

“Ensuring a respectful and inclusive is essential to the research and education carried out at UCLA’s medical school.” Discrimination based on gender, race or any other basis is a violation of both the law and university policy and a betrayal of UCLA values as a community.”

Women are asserting their rights as witnesses by the MeToo movement. They have the right to being hired, promoted, and for reasonable work accommodations as their male counterparts.

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