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At Stephen Danz & Associates we are a highly experienced employment law firm with over 30 years experience in the field of employment law. Our attorneys are confident to handle all of your employment law questions in a confidential and discreet matter to determine if you have a strong case against your employer or former employer for his or her wrongdoings.  Our attorneys in the Los Angeles area proudly represent West Hollywood employees. 

Are you suspicious of how you are being treated at work?  Do you ask yourself if your workplace is violating any employment laws? Have you faced unfair discrimination or rant getting paid what you’re owed?

Stephen Danz & Associates is the West Hollywood Employment Attorneys you need to Contact about your Employment Law Issue

Unfortunately, in this substandard world, you’re likely to need an employment lawyer at some point, and when you need to make the call to find the right legal representation for your employment law case in West Hollywood and at Stephen Danz & Associates we strive to make it as effortless as possible.

This is how we do that :

  1. We make the process easier for you. First, you call or leave a message on our website to give us your basic information. Second, we will schedule a free consultation with one of our highly qualified CA Employment Attorneys in who services West Hollywood. Third, we gather the documents needed to determine if you have a case and what category of case, that is how easy to build your employment law case.
  2. We Will Be Sure to Call You and Keep you Informed. At Stephen Danz & Associates we will diligently respond to your calls and questions every step of the process. We offer clients a unique approach to all cases by providing two attorneys per case. We are aware that lawyers have a reputation for limiting contact with the client until they have important information to exchange, but at Stephen Danz & Associates our West Hollywood employment attorneys take your questions and concerns seriously and will personally respond when you need us.
  3. Experience Makes Us Powerful. Experience counts and collectively as a firm at Stephen Danz & Associates we have hundreds of combined years of experience practicing CA employment law. Our employment law firm has a surplus of knowledge in employment law including the newest CA Labor Codes, Federal Laws and we have handled countless employment law cases statewide.
  4. We Know Compensation Matters. Overall,  you need a lawyer who can win your case, right? We have fought for clients and collected awards in millions of dollars at Stephen Danz & Associates.

The experience and knowledge of the employment attorneys of Stephen Danz & Associates can be all the difference when it comes to the results you accomplish on your California employment law case. While many employment attorneys focus only on discrimination or harassment, our team knows all the details of various claims, meal and break period violations, and other payroll-related disputes as well. We cover them all for one very good reason because it’s known that most employers that break one law are very likely to break other laws simultaneously.

At Stephen Danz & Associates in West Hollywood, employment attorneys will look at your case from every angle to ensure they are doing their best to help you collect everything you are entitled to.

Employment Claims Have Many Different Categories

At Stephen Danz & Associates our employment attorneys have substantial knowledge of the various requirements required by both federal and state law and conduct your employer must abide by.

We have used our knowledgeable experience to collect compensations of very large amounts for our clients in the following cases:

  • Overtime and Overtime exemption issues
  • Misused  meals and break periods
  • Unpaid Vacation or Sick pay violations
  • Disputed reimbursable expenses
  • Workplace Discrimination
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Wrongful termination
  • Retaliation
  • Employment Class Action Lawsuits

We have cases from many large and well-known companies. The skilled employment attorneys at Stephen Danz & Associates can help you determine whether your employer is treating you appropriately and can give you tailored advice based on your particular employment situation. Our employment attorneys serving West Hollywood understand the details of the always changing California labor code, including the newest laws and the important court cases that impact California employees. 

According to Forbes.com, in the forever changing economy, many employers seem forced to cut costs at the expense of the employees. When this occurs, it is common for our attorneys at Stephen Danz & Associates to observe abuse of employees’ pay as well as undesirable conditions in the work environment. This is why we take a unique perspective for many employees who come to us with a single issue might have more than one case or a case different than what they initially thought.

Have you had enough workplace problems? Are you prepared to accept help with your employer issue? We are waiting to hear from you at Stephen Danz & Associates. Call now for your free expert consultation.