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Whistle Blower Appreciation Day Declared by US Senate

As California’s whistle blower’s law firm, we are always pleased to see national recognition given to our clients and those of our fellow practitioners.. On July 30, 2013, perhaps the highest form of recognition to our whistle blower clients was given by no less a body than the United States Senate. By unanimous declaration, the US Senate declared this day as National Whistle blower Appreciate Day.”

The resolution (S. Res. 202) resolved that the Senate  “ensure(s) that the Federal Government implement the intent of the Founding Fathers, as reflected in the legislation enacted on July 30, 1778, by encouraging each executive agency to recognize ‘National Whistle blower Appreciate Day’, by

(A) informing employees, contractors working on behalf of United States taxpayers and members of the public about the legal rights of citizens of the United States to blow the whistle; and

(B) acknowledging the contributions of whistle blower to combating waste, fraud, abuse and violations of law and regulation in the United States.”

Danz and Associates salutes each of our past, present and future employee-clients who have reported fraud, waste and abuse. Through the efforts of our clients, we have seen numerous improvements in the delivery of goods and services, reimbursement to the taxpayers and/or customers in numerous fact situations and fields. Some representative examples from our own files:

* aerospace fraud. Eliminated false billings to the government and aerospace manufacturers, and the providing of parts which were not built or tested in accordance with contractual agreements and safe aerospace/Federal Aviation Administration requirements.

*health care fraud. We have called to task doctors, hospitals, private medical clinics, third party billing agencies and others in this vast, multi-trillion dollar industry to stop double billing such as by billing twice for services already paid for; charging for procedures not done or done without medical need or necessity.

*private health insurers. We have charged employees with falsely billing private insurance companies in order to collect money that they are not entitled to. California has little-known laws allowing our whistle blower clients to sue on behalf of private insurance companies that are defrauded by the medical establishment.

*food, transportation, accounting, service industries. Whistle blowers are critical to maintaining integrity in the offering of these commodities and services. Our clients have received compensation for the damage to their careers and reputations in standing up for what is right.

Danz & Associates and myself personally salute each and every one of our California employees and  whistle blowers for your willingness to “committing the truth” and put your efforts on a par with military service.