Whistle Blower Lawsuits Explained

As California whistle blower attorneys with offices in ten major cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Orange County, we are intimately familiar with prosecuting federal and state false claims on behalf of our employee clients. Here’s a brief Q and A of our major legal weapon, the Federal False Claims Act.

How long do I have to file a whistle blower claim? Six years since the last act.

How much can the government collect if I file a false claim case? Up to three times the actual losses suffered by the government.

What’s my incentive to file a false claim? Generally, never less than 15% (called the “original source” award) of the amount recovered and, in the best of cases where your attorney is permitted by the Attorney General to pursue the case on their behalf, as we have done in the past, up to 30%.

Can I file a false claim lawsuit and let others know on social media? Sure, if you want to destroy your case. A false claim lawsuit (and this is true for California’s Whistle Blower laws as well) must remain under seal (which means no one is to know about it while the government investigates) until the court orders the case unsealed. Posting about the lawsuit will give corporate bad guys every right to seek dismissal of your case. Post nothing–say nothing–without your attorney’s knowledge.

Do I have to remain silent even if public health and safety is at risk? yes; however, seeking a knowledgable attorney’s advise before taking further steps might suggest methods of discreet disclosure which do not overly jeopardize your private rights.

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