Whistleblower Attorneys

The law places a high priority on preventing fraud and protecting whistleblowers from retaliation. For those reasons, successful whistleblowers receive a share of the funds recovered from those parties who perpetrated the fraud.

At the law offices of Stephen Danz & Associates, we fight on behalf of those employees, throughout the state of California, who have the courage to blow the whistle on fraud and other wrongful employer actions. In fact, we have committed our entire practice to representing employees only, and never employers.

Our work in whistleblowing cases has been recognized by the profession at large. The nationally recognized Civil False Claims and Qui Tam Actions Handbook, for instance, offers one of our multimillion-dollar whistleblower lawsuits as a model to be followed by attorneys around the nation. When it comes to the False Claims Act, we know the terrain.

A California Statewide Employee-Only Law Firm

Our clients come to us because they know our firm holds the decades of experience they need to understand their rights and how to protect themselves from retaliation during and after the whistleblower process. If for instance, you have been fired for reporting false claims, we can help you understand your rights under the False Claims Act.

Our lawyers offer each client the services of not one, but two attorneys: Stephen Danz himself; and a local council or one of his associate attorneys; all of whom focus solely on employees’ legal needs.

With offices located to serve the entire state of California, and based out of Los Angeles, our firm assists clients in a wide variety of whistleblower cases, including:

  • Defense contractor fraud
  • Medicare and Medicaid fraud
  • Pharmaceutical fraud
  • Tax fraud

We will offer you a candid assessment of your case so you know exactly where you stand legally. You will also know that you have personalized and experienced guidance at every step of the process in preparing and bringing your whistleblower case.

Our Fully Staffed Firm Will Help You Fight For What Is Right

Because we maintain offices throughout California, we will meet with you personally at a place convenient for you. All consultations remain entirely confidential. Call our Los Angeles based whistleblower lawyers at 877-789-9707 to schedule a free initial consultation or contact us online. To review our firm’s in-depth discussion of whistleblower law and issues, we invite you to review our white paper on whistleblowing.