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Whistleblower Facts: What do I do if my boss is doing something illegal or fraudulent? (Part 4)

Whistleblower Facts: What do I do if my boss is doing something illegal or fraudulent? (Part 4)

In this series we are offering some advice to those who might be in a position to ‘blow the whistle’ (whistleblowers) on the illegal or fraudulent activity of their employers.

9. Don’t break the law!! The whole reason you’re blowing the whistle, remember, is because your employer is involved in something illegal. Don’t join them by breaking laws while gathering evidence. Illegally gathered evidence will be thrown out of court and will cause government agencies to decline to intervene in your case. You may lose the case before you even get started. If you are found to have broken the law, don’t think your employer won’t try to have you PROSECUTED. Stephen Danz regularly helps guide employees through the tricky waters of evidence gathering, making sure that they aren’t doing anything illegal along the way.

10. Consult with an experienced whistleblower attorney. There are four major federal laws that provide for the payment of reward to whistleblowers who can prove that their employers committed fraud. These rewards can be substantial. You want an attorney experienced in EVERY one of these laws. Your attorney should be familiar and have actual experience with retaliation cases, whistleblower laws and relationships with the agencies that you will be reporting to. Stephen Danz has been practicing employment law for more than 3 decades and never represents employers. He has been involved in multi-million dollar whistleblower cases and has the experience necessary to protect you from your employer.

If you think your boss may be a crook, if you think there may be safety violations at work, if you think your managers are cheating in tax payments, violating terms of government contracts, committing financial frauds, or violating the law, should you just stay silent?

Or should you figure out whether or not you could be a potential whistleblower, and then carefully determine what to do when the boss may be a crook?

Stephen Danz & Associates is California’s largest statewide law firm that’s dedicated to representing employees in disputes against their employers. Stephen Danz & Associates based in Los Angeles, California, protects clients all over the State from retaliation, discrimination, and harassment involving dismissal, demotion, or denial of accommodation based on age, race, sex, religion, color, sexual orientation, marital status, association, physical or mental disability, or other legally protected classifications. Additionally we represent employees if they have not been paid the proper wages including overtime or minimum wage, or given the proper meal breaks. If you believe that you are the victim of discrimination or retaliation because you are a whistleblower, contact our Los Angeles office to set up your free consultation to discuss this matter with our lawyers. We take cases on a contingency basis and collect no attorney fees unless we win your case.