Whistleblower Protection: One Employee Gets Two Big Wins!

As a Los Angeles employment law firm we represent whistle blowers in many industries, such as pharma, aerospace and health care. Rarely if ever does one whistle blower win two federal false claims suit, and never until now has it happened in two unrelated industries.

“Real Housewives of New Jersey” start Jim Marchese has in fact done exactly that! In 2007 he receivd $1.6M, or 15% of the entire settlement, after reporting CTI BioPharma for allegedly defrauding Medicare. But Marchese wasn’t done blowing the whistle. His second pay off came from shenanigans allegedly engaged in by Bank of America when it bought his mortgage company. He alleged (very successfully, apparently) that B of A was “double dipping” by asking Fannie Mac and Freddie Mac, government-sponsored mortgage holders, to reimburse the bank for bad loans, even though B of A had also dunned his company for $6M. Three other whistle blowers who worked for Countrywide received payouts of $50M each!

Are you aware of violations of the Federal False Claims Act by your employer? Even if you were forced to engage in illegal practices, you may still have rights under this civil war originated law. We’ve recovered millions for the government and our clients.

Whistleblower protection and retaliation for blowing the whistle on what you think may be illegal practices is actionable both as a violation of many California Labor Code laws such as LC 1102.5 and the anti-retaliation provisions of the federal false claims act. Let us see if we can do the same for you! Call now to chat.