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Whistleblower Retaliation, wrongful termination and OSHA violations in California employment

The Los Angeles Employment Attorney law firm of Stephen Danz & Associates (with offices throughout California) represents whistleblowers in numerous industries including construction. In a recent case we settled, a roofer fell through a “false” floor at a Sheriff’s substation and was nearly impaled by steel bolts stick up from the floor twenty feet below.We successfully alleged the employee was a victim of wrongful termination for complaing about the condition and filing a workman’s compensation claim. He’s disabled for life, but at least he’s alive. What are the most frequently-complained about violations of OSHA law?

  1. Scaffolding, including construction;
  2. Fall protection
  3. Hazard communications
  4. Respiratory protection
  5. Control of hazardous-energy (lockout/tagout);
  6. Electrical wiring methods, components and equipment
  7. Industrial trucks;
  8. Ladders
  9. Electrical systems including design;
  10. Machine guards

If you have been injured or nearly injured by any device or situation in violation of OSHA rules (see generally 19 CFR 1926, et seq), and then retaliated against or fired for reporting the violations to any governmental agency such as OSHA or the California Department of Industrial Relations, we are here to help! Whistleblowers should not have to chose between their lives and their jobs. Be especially wary of the “fatal four” situations which can and do lead to court judgments against employers who “talk the talk”, but don’t “walk the walk”:

  1. Falls (251 out of 721 total deaths in 2011;
  2. Electrocutions (67 (9%)
  3. Struck by Object 73 (10%)
  4. Caught in between 19 (3%).

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