Whistleblowers in 2020

According to Whistleblower.org, whistleblowers were in the news on many fronts in 2020. Worldwide, whistleblowers in China helped to alert the public to the COVID-19 virus. In America, many whistleblowers raised concerns about COVID-19 safety issues and the “mismanagement of COVID relief funds.” The 2020 fiscal year set records for both SEC and CFTC whistleblower cases. In one SEC, $114 million was awarded to a whistleblower. A D.C. circuit judge helped close a False Claims Act loophole in a November 2020 ruling.

Whistleblowers continue to be invaluable in exposing fraud and corruption. Here are some of the leading whistleblower cases for 2020.

  • A $69.6 million judgment was entered in April. The whistleblower disclosed a large number of fraudulent translations involving the renewable energy biofuels industry. The case was highlighted in the CBS TV show “Whistleblower.”
  • The loophole case. On November 6, a D.C. District Court judge ruled that a “controversial ‘materiality requirement,’ used mostly by companies trying to escape allegations of submitting false claims to the government, does not apply to the defendants in the case.”
  • “In October, whistleblower Dr. Rick Bright, who worked for the Department of Health and Human Services and the National Institutes of Health resigned after facing retaliation for being an outspoken critic of the administration’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. In November, President-Elect Joe Biden named Dr. Bright to his COVID-19 task force.”

Additional whistleblower cases involved:

  • Medical neglect at an ICE detention center – involving the gross disregard of COVID-19 health protocols and forced hysterectomies.
  • A money laundering case involving $230 billion and Dansk Bank.
  • A whistleblower claim that senior officials at DHS “downplayed reports containing possible Russian election interference and reported instead on Chinese and Iranian interference activities.”
  • In a California case, a decorated Marine Corps veteran alleged that a “fraternal police organization had infiltrated the Compton Station of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department – and that “more than 20 of 100 active deputies are part of a violent and brutal police gang The Executioners.”
  • On “June 25, the SEC and the U.S. Department of Justice announced Novartis AG, a global pharmaceutical and healthcare company based in Switzerland, agreed to pay over $300 million in sanctions to resolve FCPA charges for bribery in Greece. The enforcement actions were based upon information from anonymous Greek whistleblowers who documented the crimes.”
  • The US Department of Labor released a report in April that OSHA’s whistleblower program wasn’t properly responding to increased whistleblower complaints – due to the COVID pandemic.

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