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You can hold your employer responsible for botched wages

Imagine that you work for a company for many years and you never have any problems with management or your paycheck. One day, your employer starts asking many employees, including you, to work overtime. They start offering overtime more often and many people choose to take the extra hours — and, thus the extra pay.

Many weeks go by and the employees continue to work overtime. But then one day, an employee comes in with a complaint to your boss. It turns out he didn’t receive the full amount he was owed given how much overtime he worked. This triggers a chain reaction, where many other employees go back and look at their paychecks. Lo and behold, your employer has been shorting you and many other overtime employees your due wages.

This happens more often than you would think. It may occur because of a technical error or glitch, or it may be a deliberate and very dubious attempt by your employer to save some money while getting workers to put in extra hours. Either way, the company has done something wrong, may it be by mistake or otherwise, and the error must be corrected.

Wage and hour disputes allow employees to hold their employers accountable when the company fails to pay them the correct amount for the number of hours that they worked. These can be tricky lawsuits simply because altered wages and hours are often hard to recognize or prove if the employee alone is looking into the issue.

That’s where an experienced employment law attorney can be of great service to a jilted employee — and Stephen Danz & Associates are here to help you receive the justice you deserve.