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Santa Clara Employment Attorney

Santa Clara Employment Attorney

Stephen Danz employment attorney of Santa Clara has been helping out employees for many years. He has over 30 years of trial and settlement experience and is one of the most professional employment attorneys in Southern California. If you have ever been wrongfully terminated from your job or have ever experienced a negative atmosphere at work, such as sexual harassment, Stephen Danz and Associates of Santa Clara can help you out.
Some of the areas in which he specializes are in:

1. Personal Injury
2. Misrepresentation
3. Sexual Harassment
4. Class Action
5. Wages/ Hour Dispute

We are proud to be represented in this area by co counsels Chris LeClerc and his brother Mark, who together with Steve Danz have brought great settlements and justice to an ever-increasing number of satisfied Silicon Valley Employees.

Our Santa Clara County attorneys work with employees who have found themselves in intellectual property disputes with their employers. Many of our clients are on the "cutting edge" of technology and we were just advised by one of them that -- for the first time ever --the US Patent and Trademark Office will be opening a San Jose Branch. This will speed applications and help the patent officials in the government better understand Silicon Valley technology. The opening is prt of the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act of 2011, which requires the establishment of at least three offices within three years. Other offices expected to open are Detroit, Denver and Dallas. The Santa Clara office is ramping up to hold 60 patent examiners and 20 judges. Ultimaltely,  the goal of the office is to streamline the application process, cutting it from its current 30 months' from application to approval. The office will make it easier for both lawyers and inventors to file patent applications. Impact on our Santa Clara County employment law practice will depend on whether this results in the speeding up of IP claims against employees. While covenants not to compete are generally (with a few exceptions) illegal in California under the Business and Professions Code, a trade secret agreement is still legal.

To find out what other areas he specializes in, simply click on the corresponding link in this webpage and you will be taken to the corresponding page. Whether you need a determined and aggressive voice to represent you in court for your claim or experienced counsel to help you with an employment contract dispute, Stephen Danz has it all handled. Stephen Danz and Associates Employment Attorney in Santa Clara represent you, the employee, against your employer, making sure you receive the help and justice you deserve.

Give Employment Attorney Santa Clara a call today and find out if your case can be taken to court to win. Remember, you deserve the help and justice granted to you as an employee, you no longer have to put up with the everyday issues you faced at work. We guarantee you that you will be satisfied with the service and help of Stephen Danz employment attorney.

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