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Have you had your rights violated at work at the hands of your employer? Reparations may be in order when you team up with the best employment attorney Irvine for legal representation and defense from the Law Offices of Stephens Danz and Associates, where you are our number one priority. Our clients are tremendously important to us and without California workers, our law office would not exist. We work tirelessly until you get the compensation you deserve and with which you feel satisfied. At the Law Offices of Stephen Danz and Associates, we have the experience and know how to win your case. We have seen tons of cases, but none are as important as the one in front of us right now.

As an employee, if you feel you’ve been violated by the employer in any way including discrimination, employment lawyer Irvine will take care of the lawsuit. These lawyers have knowledge of the principles within the employee-employer relationship. There are important laws they must know like the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Occupational Health and Safety Act. They can represent employers in unemployment and contract dispute cases.

Now and days, most employers are working overtime without receiving overtime pay or a justified amount. The labor lawyer Irvine will fight to make sure you are compensated for those tasks. The longer it takes for the corporation to compensate makes it worse for them in court. Make sure you have documents and checks ready to give the lawyer all the evidence needed to penalize the company for financial injustice. Labor unions are always fighting for their rights on their own without support and it’s time to put you in a better position.

The whistleblower Irvine will expose any information, or activity that is illegal no matter if the enterprise is public or private. The information can be brought out internally or externally as well. If done internally, people within the accused company will be confronted and externally, a third party will be involved. A whistleblower must be entirely ethical in order for the process to work.

Besides the three services listed above, we provide:

  • Employment Attorney Irvine
  • Labor Relations Attorney Irvine
  • Sexual Harassment Irvine
  • Disability Discrimination Irvine
  • Race Discrimination Irvine
  • Sex Discrimination Irvine
  • Wrongful Termination Irvine
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If you have been wronged by an unfair employer or taken advantage of in your place of employment you have come to the right place. You need to contact the Law Offices of Stephen Danz and Associates at best employment attorney Irvine now.