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Stephen Danz & Associates Files Employee Claims for Violations of the Federal False Claims Act

Stephen Danz & Associates is devoted to helping employees get justice for employer wrongs. One area where employees can earn a significant recovery is proper disclosure of fraud by employers, individuals, businesses, and government agencies. Our firm has a long and extensive track record of helping employees blow the whistle on different types of fraud; including fraud in the formation and billing of contracts with the government and government agencies.


The False Claims Act’s key provisions

The federal government has several whistleblower statutes that provide that anyone who properly alerts the U.S. Department of Justice of fraud can be entitled to a percentage of any recovery.

The federal False Claims Act (FCA) was enacted during the administration of President Abraham Lincoln. The purpose of the FCA was primarily to help the government discover when individuals and companies were lying or making a misrepresentation, in order to be awarded contracts with the U.S. Department of Defense.

The FCA has been amended several times starting in 1986. The False Claims Act includes the right to bring lawsuits against wrongdoers who overbilled, billed for products or services that weren’t provided, knowingly provided substandard parts, and other improper billing. The FCA now covers fraud involving many different government agencies in addition to the U.S. Department of Defense.

The incentive for disclosing fraud

The current Federal False Claims Act also provides a strong incentive for disclosing fraud. If the U.S. Department of Justice agrees to bring a legal action based on the fraud, any employee or any worker who properly discloses the fraud can be awarded 15% to 25 % of any recovery. If the Justice Department declines to take the case and the worker’s attorneys bring a successful action on their own, then the employee can be awarded 25% to 30% of any recovery. The government is entitled to treble damages and civil penalties between $5,500 and $11,000 for each violation. In addition, defendants who are found liable for fraud are required to separately pay the employee’s legal fees and expenses.

How our law firm counsels employees who disclose government wrong

Our firm co-counsels with Mark Kleiman, Esq., a national expert on Federal False Claims Act cases. Together, we are experienced in helping whistleblowers obtain recoveries for disclosing fraud in the aerospace, health care, accounting, retail, transportation, and agricultural sectors. We have sued local and county governmental agencies for receiving grants under false pretenses and brought claims for crop insurance fraud.

Our Federal False Claim lawyers and Mr. Kleinman:

  • Explain to the employees what evidence is required to meet the U.S. Department of Justice’s high standards. Generally, the evidence must be useful and must be original.
  • Guide employees through the initial determination process – the time when the Justice Department decides if they will intervene in the case.
  • Detail the employee’s contribution and fight to get the employee the maximum percentage recovery allowed under the FCA statute.
  • Bring independent claims against the wrongdoers when the Justice Department decides not to intervene.

Retaliation claims

At Stephen Danz & Associates, our Federal False Claims Attorney will also file claims against employers who retaliate against any employee who discloses fraud by firing the employee or discriminating against the employee in any way.

To speak with a tough advocate, please contact our firm at 877-789-9707. We have numerous offices throughout California.

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Reference: Types of Fraud That Can Qualify for the Federal False Claims Act


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