Best Employment Attorney San Francisco

The Law Offices of Stephen Danz and Associates provide the workers in the state of California with the services of the best employment attorney San Francisco. With a large team at our disposal, no case is too large for our labor lawyers to handle. If you deal with discrimination or wrongful termination in the workplace, Stephen Danz and Associates will happily handle your case. If you have ever been cheated at the hands of your employer in any way, you may be able to receive reparations or compensation for any wages unpaid or damages incurred. We are the largest employment law firm in California and provide legal services to workers throughout the state with many office locations. We have hundreds of hours of combined legal experience working with employees who have been treated unjustly.

The law offices of Stephen Danz & Associates is based in Los Angeles but serves communities throughout California—including San Francisco.  In addition to wage and hour litigation and whistleblower representation, our services also include:

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  • Labor Relations Attorney San Francisco
  • Sexual Harassment San Francisco
  • Disability Discrimination San Francisco
  • Race Discrimination San Francisco
  • Sex Discrimination San Francisco
  • Wrongful Termination San Francisco
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San Francisco employees are protected by a myriad of labor laws.  If your employer is violating your rights, Stephen Danz—an employment lawyer San Francisco—is here to help you.  At Stephen Danz & Associates, our team of skilled employment attorneys are eager to represent employees with claims against their employers of sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, and other violations of  labor law. Our lawyers serve a wide variety of employees including those employees being denied their hourly wages at large corporations, whistleblowers fighting discrimination and managers and executives who now must fight to enforce the compensation terms of their  agreements.

Stephen Danz, a labor lawyer San Francisco, and his team of dedicated lawyers, have built an esteemed reputation in California as they prepare all of their cases for trial.  We are considered one of California’s best authorities on wage and hour litigation, we bring the resources that are needed to protect our clients against the wrongful practices of their employers.  We fight for the compensation you earned, whether it is unpaid overtime or meal break pay, it belongs to you.

If you are a whistleblower lawyer San Francisco, you can find relief knowing that the law places a high priority on protecting whistleblowers from retaliation.  The law offices of Stephen Danz & Associate are proud to fight on behalf of courageous employees who blow the whistle on wrongful employer actions such as fraud.  We are committed to representing only employees, never employers.

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