Employment Lawyer in Beverly Hills

When it comes to finding an expert in the field of employment attorneys, Stephen Danz & Associates is one of the best Employment Attorneys in Beverly Hills. Stephen Danz has been representing wrongfully terminated employees of Beverly Hills for many years and has succeeded at getting them the compensation and justice they deserve. If you need assistance in Civil Rights Law cases, Sexual Harassment cases, discrimination cases based on age/national origin/etc., or any other reason that can further be found on this website, then Stephen Danz & Associates is the right employment attorney in Beverly Hills for you.

We are very fortunate to co-counsel our Beverly Hills area cases with very experienced co-counsels who have joined us to achieve numerous six figure verdicts, arbitration awards, and settlements. Additionally, our main corporate office is nearby which allows your co-counsel and senior partner Steve Danz to access your file and to conveniently meet with you. We service BH clients from our main office in Brentwood, a satellite office on Camden Drive, as well as from our Mid Wilshire office.

Many of our entertainment-industry clients turn to us due to our excellent reputation in the industry. Some of our most interesting (and lucrative) settlements involve age discrimination in the entertainment industry. We’ve also represented SAG and other union members who have brought statutory discrimination claims beyond just age; for example sex, national origin, and physical or mental condition.

Besides the entertainment industry we have represented clients from industries involving securities, finance, food service, and many other industries unique to Los Angeles County and Beverly Hills. We are looking forward to working with you.

Stephen Danz has fought over hundreds of these types of cases before. The mistake that many employees make is that they don’t know what to do or who to turn to once they find themselves in a situation where they have been fired due to unreasonable reasons. They usually tend to just move on and find another job as quickly as possible, instead of searching for the help and justice that they deserve. Stephen Danz employment has helped employees all over Beverly Hills get the help they need. Do not fall victim to wrongful termination; if you or anybody you know have ever received a personal injury at work, have been misrepresented, or have had an issue with breach of contracts, Stephen Danz can is the employment attorney for you.

If you’re an employer in Beverly Hills, call Stephen Danz & Associates today to find out what can be done for you or keep reading our website for additional areas in which Stephen Danz & Associates can help you 877-789-9707