Monterey Employment Lawyer

Our Monterey Employment Lawyers take pride in responding to workers that are facing issues with their current or former employer. As Monterey’s top employment attorney and labor law advocate, Stephen Danz & Associates take pride in standing up for what’s right in the workforce by turning employer wrongs into employee rights.

Our Monterey employment attorneys are all familiar with the issues that arise in the workplace including sexual harassment, whistleblower retaliation, discrimination, and wrongful termination all throughout the Monterey County. Our employment law firm equips employees with the resources needed to effectively fight back and win!


Free Legal Advice from Top Employment Attorneys

Contact our dedicated employment attorney in Monterey for free legal advice about your employee rights. Our labor attorneys have the resources needed to help employees fight back and win.

No Win No Fees

Our employment lawyers in Monterey represent employees in eligible cases on a no win no fee basis, meaning employees never pay our employment law firm until we win.


Trusted Counsel

Our employment lawyers have influenced the lives of thousands of employees in individual wage claims and class action lawsuits against companies that violate employee rights.

Labor Laws

Our Monterey employment attorneys focus on helping employees with all labor laws, including wrongful termination, not being paid overtime, discrimination, unpaid wages, retaliation, and more.

Proven Results

Our Monterey labor lawyers have obtained over $500 million in damages for our employee clients. As a leading advocate for employee rights we never represent employers unlike other law firms.

Retaliation is Illegal

Take action now and contact an employment lawyer at our law firm in Monterey for free legal advice. Retaliation for contacting a labor lawyer is strictly prohibited by California labor laws.