San Luis Obispo Employment Lawyer

Labor and employment claims cover a wide variety of matters between employees and employers.

Our firm at Stephen Danz & Associates is a leading San Luis Obispo Employment Lawyer for employee right. We never represent employers but only employees wrongfully terminated, sexually harassed, whistleblowers, labor law violations and discrimination. Our vast office of attorneys brings forth the experience in handling all aspects of labor and employment matters on behalf of our employee victims to seek the damages they deserve.

Common complaints Stephen Danz & Associates Covers: 

  • Sexual Harassment – Target of sexual harassment, also included having been subjected to a workplace filled with sexual jokes, innuendo, or comments. If you have been subject to these acts your rights may have been violated by your employer. This results whether the action was caused by another employee or in fact in your employer.
  • Sex & Pregnancy Discrimination – Although an employer may end an employees work agreement at any time, terminating employees because of Race, Religion, Pregnancy is illegal. Employers are prohibited from treating employees differently because of gender, discriminating of sexual orientation, race, and religion and termination of employees due to pregnancy or medical conditions related to pregnancy or childbirth.
  • Disability Discrimination – If you have a temporary or permanent disability, an employer cannot treat you differently and/or refuse to provide reasonable accommodations.
  • Race Discrimination – Being treated differently because of your race, ethnicity or national origin is unlawful. If race, ethnicity or national origin has played a role in how you have been treated, you may have a claim. •
  • Age Discrimination – Employees over 40 years old are protected from being treated differently or being forced out of work as a result of their age. Should you have been age discriminated against by your employer call the Law Office today for a free no obligation consultation. •
  • Wrongful Termination – Wrongful termination occurs when a person is fired or forced to quit in violation of any law protecting employee rights, or an existing agreement between the employee and the employer.
  • Whistleblower – Having reported or complained about illegal conduct of your employer and being fired or punished by your employer – you may be protected against retaliation as a whistleblower. •
  • Breach of Contract & Fraud – If your employer breaches the terms of your contract, you may have a breach of contract claim against your current or former employer. If your employer did not comply with its obligations under the contract or convinced you to take the job by making false promises, you may also have an action for fraud. Due to statue of limitations taking action is critical in a timely matter. Therefore contact the law office to determine if you have acclaim against your employer for breach of contract & fraud in San Luis Obispo.
  • Wage & Hour Violations – Wage theft is one of the largest problems in California. Wage theft includes not being properly compensated for hours worked, not being paid for overtime, being denied meal periods or rest breaks, or being improperly classified as an independent contractor.

To discuss your employment matter contact our San Luis Obispo employment attorney law office today. We understand that resolving a matter quickly and without litigation may sometimes be in the best interests for our clients in San Luis Obispo. However, when litigation commences and trial may be necessary, our goal remains the same: achieve the best result possible. If you have questions regarding your employment situation or believe that you have a claim against your employer, contact our San Luis Obispo Employment Lawyer today for a free consultation at 1-877-789-9707.

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