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Stephen Danz and Associates focuses its practice on representing employees who are victims of discrimination in the workplace.  One of the most common areas of such discrimination is sex or gender discrimination.  Sex/Gender discrimination in the workplace typically involves the treatment of an applicant or employee negatively due to that person’s gender, whether man or woman.  Many times, it is the employer’s practice, whether consciously or subconsciously, that subjects the victim to higher standards of evaluation than that which is applied to the opposite sex.  This means that applicants or employees that face sex or gender discrimination are entitled to obtain relief under the federal Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (“Title VII”) and California’s Fair Employment in Housing Act (“FEHA”).

Both Title VII and FEHA prohibit any type of unfavorable or adverse treatment surrounding sex and gender discrimination including, but not limited to, sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination, wrongful termination, or un-equal pay.  Often the federal Equal Pay Act or California’s Fair Pay Act are included in the Complaint since employers have for years determined compensation based on gender.  Therefore, equal pay laws ensure that equal pay is provided for equal work by both men and women in the workplace.

Common Types of Sex/Gender Discrimination – Gender Stereotypes and Roles

One of the most common types of sex discrimination or gender discrimination is gender stereotyping and subconscious prejudice.  For example, if an employer creates stereotyped expectations of femininity for women in the workplace, this violates Title VII.  Further, if an employer’s practice or policy inhibits aggressiveness for women but the roles that women are placed in require such a characteristic, this creates a bind for women since they are forced to behave in a certain way and if they do not they may be terminated.

Other times, employers place certain genders in unique roles based solely on their gender.  Accordingly, such company decisions based primarily on someone’s sex, which is a protected class, whether such action is overt/obvious or covert/latent, violate both Title VII and FEHA. When evaluating an employee’s performance based on subjective criteria this type of behavior allows for more abuse, prejudice, bias, whether intentional or unintentional.  Moreover, employers who encourage male applicants or employees to take a more commanding or authoritative role due to their gender, and stereotype females as more subservient in roles violates our anti-discrimination laws.

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Remedies and Recoveries for Sex/Gender Discrimination

Under both Title VII and FEHA, applicants and employees who are victims of gender discrimination have a right to compensation damages in the form of economic losses, emotional losses, attorneys’ fees, related costs, and, at times of outrageous cases, punitive damages.  Some of these damages, such as backpay, may be capped based on the size of the employer pursuant to the Civil Rights Act of 1991.

In regard to Punitive Damages, a court would award damages when the employer’s behavior is so egregious that it warrants punishment rather than just mere compensation.  This is to deter such conduct in the future by both the employer and anyone else in the industry that may hear of the case.  As one case see, this is an extremely complex area of the law and strategy highly influences the outcomes.  Consequently, your choice of counsel will greatly affect the ultimate remedy in your case.

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