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The Sherman Oaks employment lawyers at Stephen Danz & Associates are proud to provide an unbeatable service in the legal representation of clients involved in various employment law cases throughout Los Angeles. The employment attorneys at Stephen Danz & Associates have held a very successful reputation for litigating employment law cases for over 35 years. At Stephen Danz & Associates our office is always ready to provide highly personalized services to each of our clients. Stephen Danz & Associates is dedicated only to the practice of employment law on the side of the employee and never the employer. Attorney Stephen Danz and his associates are always up to date on the most recent statutory and judicial changes to employment laws. Our employment attorneys work hard to ensure that our clients are treated fairly by their employers and always fight to preserve and protect employee rights.

If you are experiencing problems in the workplace, come to consult with us first so that we can protect your rights and provide you the legal consultation you need to handle your case properly.

Do you feel that you are being discriminated against? Did you blow the whistle on fraud that you witnessed your boss committing? Have you recently been harassed, denied hard-earned overtime pay, and retaliated against for acting lawfully, or wrongfully terminated? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to talk to one of our Sherman Oaks employment attorneys. If you have been recently fired from your job and feel the termination was wrongful, the Stephen Danz & Associates attorneys are now accepting cases in Sherman Oaks and are ready to help you to recover your damages.

For certain claims, the statute of limitations can be limited, and if you do not act quickly with a lawyer, it could jeopardize your case. Once an adverse employment action is taken against you, the statute of limitations begins to count down the time you will be able to take action. Call us if you got terminated and consult with one of our local employment & labor lawyers to understand your rights and what monetary compensation you may be entitled to.

We work on a contingency fee basis. A contingency fee is when the fee is payable to the law firm only when there is a favorable result. It is the fee charged for legal services only if the lawsuit is successful or is favorably settled out of court, and they are usually calculated as a percentage of the client’s total recovery.

Allow us to help you with your employment issues. Call our office to get in touch with an attorney representing employees in Sherman Oaks. Stephen Danz & Associates office is located in Sherman Oaks, and he represents clients throughout Southern California, including all major cities in California.

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Stephen Danz & Associates aggressively protects the rights of employees throughout California. We have experience handling a large variety of employment claims and lawsuits. Our firm brings a unique point of view of our current practice. We represent every type of employee involvement in workplace disputes. Stephen Danz & Associates has a high reputation for winning cases and being honest, many of our clients come as referrals due to our high reputation online and from other attorneys who believe in our practice.

Our Employment Law Practice Areas Include:

  • Whistleblower, Retaliation 
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Employment Class Action Lawsuits
  • Wages & Hours
  • Unpaid Overtime
  • Misclassification
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Discrimination
  • Federal False Claims, Qui Tam, Whistleblower cases

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