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Stephen Danz and Associates are attorneys who battle for employees throughout the state and provide legal services to local San Bernardino residents.  California is an at-will employment state.  This means that employees may be terminated for any reason as long as it is not for an illegal reason.  Some of the most common types of unlawful, or wrongful, termination occur when companies terminate employees through discrimination or retaliation.    Accordingly, if employees are dismissed from employment, no matter how the employer describes (or disguises) the dismissal if done in violation of a federal or state law, then the employee has a cause of action under wrongful termination.

If employees are fired/terminated/dismissed or the like based on an employer’s discrimination (age, race, religion, sex/gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, for performing a protected activity, or in retaliation), then the employees must contact an attorney to ensure their rights are protected.  Terminations for engaging in protected activity such as complaining about mistreatment, discrimination or unlawful conduct to a supervisor or the state are a violation of California and federal law.  If this occurs to you or to your co-worker, do not hesitate from contacting the attorneys at Stephen Danz and Associates for a free no obligation consultation at 877-789-9707 or via a Form our on site.

We will immediately assess the facts of your case and have an attorney guide you toward justice.  There is no time to waste before the proper review of the actions resulting in the discrimination or retaliation.  We will then provide you with your options and the possible outcomes of your case.  In San Bernardino, our attorneys will assist with filing the complaint with the proper agency such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission of the Department of Fair Housing and Employment.  Once we obtain the Right to Sue letter, we will then file the complaint on your behalf with the local court.  Our clients have received certain benefits such as back pay, compensatory (monetary) and punitive (exemplary) damages, legal fees and costs.

Steps to Take In Preparation of Your Wrongful Termination Case

As soon as you know that you will contact our office, start collecting any paperwork legally in your possession that pertains to your employment.   This may include your job history chronology, pay, performance reviews, Human Resources communications, and your personnel file and employee handbook which you may request.  Your assigned San Bernardino attorney will then review the files and facts of your case with you before commencing the litigation.

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If you were terminated for what you believe was in violation of your rights, contact our attorneys today at Stephen Danz and Associates via our free number 877-789-9707.

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We are San Bernardino attorneys specializing in Wrongful Termination claims.  Although companies range across many industries and disciplines, there are some behaviors that remain the same – those by unscrupulous employers who abuse employee rights.  Wrongful Termination is one of the most common causes of action, and consequently, our plaintiff-side only attorneys have dutifully filed these claims on behalf of hundreds of local residents.

Wrongful Termination comes in many forms.  Essentially, it is a claim that a California-based employer terminated an employee in violation of public policy.  Here are the most frequent wrongful termination violations that our attorneys litigate:

Public Policy Violation

California Employers may not wrongfully terminate employee in violation of public policies such as when employees complain about being harassed at work, take reasonable time off to vote, serve on jury duty, perform military service, or take the allowable bonding time or pregnancy leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act and/or California’s Family Rights Act.


A California-based employer may not terminate an employee due to the employees opposing of discrimination, or employer discrimination due to employee membership in a protected group such as age (over 40), request for reasonable accommodation due to disability, gender, marital status, religion, race, sexual orientation, pregnancy, national origin, or medical condition. (Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”)).   Our specialized employee-side attorneys review the case with you and remain involved each step of the way until resolution.  Often, this involves a review of the facts, request, and analysis of the evidence through subpoena, deposition of your supervisor and those involved in the decision-making, as well as many other resources that are well beyond the capability of smaller law firms.


As an extension to discrimination, an employer may not retaliate against an employee who complains about discrimination or harassment against the employee or another employee whether the claim is legitimate or the employee merely had a reasonable basis that such conduct is unlawful.  Employers also may not retaliate against employees who decline to violate state or federal statutes, regulations, or other laws.

Whistleblower Violation

A California employer may not fire an employee because of the employee’s complaints about the employer’s violation of laws, participation in whistleblowing about an employer’s illegal conduct, or aiding the government in litigation against the employer.  This defense also protects employees who whistleblow for another employee as long as the whistleblower had reason to believe an employer engaged in fraudulent, illegal, or unethical behavior.

For any questions about the above information, or to consult a specialized Wrongful Termination law attorney about your case in San Bernardino, call the San Bernardino Wrongful Termination Attorney  Stephen Danz today for a free no obligation consultation at 877-789-9707.

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