Whistleblower and Qui Tam Attorney in Pasadena

Whistleblower and Qui Tam Attorneys in Pasadena

Our law firm has decades of collective knowledge and experience required for complex Qui Tam and Whistleblower cases.  We understand the impact that the reporting of an employer’s conduct may have on someone’s career.  There are still those in a society that may view such action as disloyal.  However, this is far from it.  What a whistleblower does is help society by weeding out the bad apples (corporations) that take advantage of the government, for instance, by keeping money that belongs to the government or by not paying the government the money that it is owed.  Essentially, this means that the taxpayers lose.   Qui Tam / Whistleblower cases may take a long time to litigate but for those who have the patience and faith in our legal system, great recoveries abound.

Stephen Danz & Associates has represented many clients in False Claims Act (“FCA”) cases throughout California.  The attorneys provide unparalleled attention and constant communication with the clients with a focus on the big picture – to bring the culprit corporations to justice and maximize recovery for the whistleblower (or Qui Tam Relator).  Call us at (877)789-9707 or complete the online contact form and we will schedule a time for you to speak with one of our experienced Whistleblower focused lawyers in an initial complimentary consultation to assess the facts of your case and legal options.

When you contact our office, we commit to fully understanding your case and giving you the options on continuing in your whistleblower quest.  No question is out of place, and we pride ourselves for great customer service, attention to detail and an extensive array of resources in the pursuit of your employer’s fraud.  We may conduct interviews, consult with our retained experts, review your documents and facts as well as verify the facts with specialists in each field who we have been working with for years.  A crucial component of a whistleblower action is to get the government to join in the litigation.  At that point, the likelihood of settlement and recovery exponentially increase.  This is where trusting the attorneys at our firm really helps since we take every case as if we are going to litigate while other firms aim to quickly settle.  Therefore, from the start we ensure that your case is carefully evaluated and use our internal expertise to get the federal and state prosecutor’s attention.  Our polished complaints then do the rest which includes the pertinent laws aligned with the facts of your case.  We also leverage our past relationship with the government to work hand in hand with the prosecutors in bringing your case to a successful outcome.

Stephen Danz & Associates has the knowledge, experience, and resources to battle the largest defense firms and handle the most complex qui tam whistleblower cases!

As a California employee-side law firm, we have the person-power to handle any size of corporate fraud.  Therefore, even if the government chooses not to “intervene” and join the litigation, our firm is well equipped to continue on behalf of the government.  When selecting counsel, make sure to verify their knowledge of the laws, how many years of experience they have in litigating complex Qui Tam and False Claims Act cases, how extensive their technology is, and how developed and robust is their personnel.  As contingency fee attorneys, if we do not recover anything for you, we will not charge you anything.

Contact our Office Today at (877)789-9707 to confidentially discuss your case with an attorney or complete the form on this page and we will promptly schedule a time for you to receive a thorough evaluation of your case.

A company may defraud state or federal government in such ways as billing for products or services that were not provided or notifying the government that a certain product or service was provided when a lesser product or service was actually provided to the government.  The most common culprits include companies in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, technology, and defense industries.  The most common types of violations include Medicare/Medicaid/MediCal fraud, pharmaceutical prices or medical equipment fraud, workplace safety violations, and environmental safety violations. Accordingly, our attorneys have the experience to bring the False Claims Act qui tam actions with the proper strategy and knowledge for maximum success.

Do not be concerned about retaliation.  The Qui Tam and Whistleblower laws contain protections for whistleblowers from their employers.  If an employer is found to have retaliated against a whistleblower, a court would punish the employer with punitive damages.  Therefore, let us know if your employer subjected you to retaliation in response to your whistleblowing.  Retaliatory actions include wrongful termination, discrimination, threats, harassment, or similar illegal conduct. Note that consultations with our attorneys are confidential and protected by the attorney-client privilege.

Pasadena’s Specialized Qui Tam Attorneys

We are Pasadena attorneys specializing in Whistleblower, or Qui Tam, litigation.  The Defense, Finance, and Healthcare industries have produced the most Pasadena whistleblowers over the years partly due to the regulated nature of the industries.  Pasadena, for its part, boasts some of the country’s finest companies within the Defense, Finance and Healthcare sectors.  Consequently, our attorneys have represented a growing number of whistleblowers and Qui Tam complainants (or relators) in our hometown.

The recent resurgence of False Claims Act (“FCA”), or Qui Tam, lawsuits has brought this historically dormant practice into the national spotlight often producing multi-million dollar judgments and ongoing scrutiny by a public tired of hearing about companies that defraud the government.  Due to Pasadena’s extensive health care market, the federal FCA and California FCA combine to enable the government to prevent and mitigate fraud, waste, and abuse in government healthcare programs such as Medicaid and Medicare.

California’s FCA is modeled after the federal FCA.  In a nutshell, the laws forbid any person who (1) knowingly brings false or fraudulent claims for government payment;
(2) knowingly makes false record or statement to get false or fraudulent claims paid by the government;
(3) conspires to defraud the government by getting a false or fraudulent claim paid by the government, or (4) knowingly makes a false record or statement to conceal or decrease an obligation to pay the government.

The recent emergence of favorable, and lucrative, results especially in the health care field encourages individuals to expose corporate swindling of government funds and this area is not showing any signs of slowing down.  Pasadena boasts, and may represent whistleblowers from, some of the country’s finest health care facilities.

False Claims Act /Whistleblower Monetary Penalties

Attorneys at Stephen Danz & Associates have assisted California whistleblowers to obtain extremely financially-bountiful results.  A violation of the FCA may subject a company to substantial penalties of $5,000-11,000 per violation plus triple damages sustained by the government.  Typically, the government initiates criminal proceedings first and then continues with civil prosecution.  Our attorneys work together with the government each step of the way.

At the core of the FCA is the ability for private persons (aka whistleblowers/qui-tam relators) to file actions on behalf of the government.  Then, while the action is under seal for 60 days, the government can choose to intervene either by litigation or settlement, or decline and allow the private lawsuit to proceed.  If the government intervenes (preferred), the private person still receives a share (15-25%) of any recoveries.  If the government declines to intervene, the private person receives a higher percentage (25-30%) of any recovery.  (31 U.S.C. 3730 et seq.)  Contact our Pasadena whistleblower and qui tam attorneys today for a free analysis of your case.

Top Whistleblower Protections in California

After choosing to blow the whistle and contacting our attorneys, the whistleblower is informed of the anti-retaliation protection afforded in California.  Our attorneys not only represent the whistleblower but they also go to bat protecting the whistleblower from any retaliation.  Here are some of the most common whistleblower retaliation protections:

Labor Code Section 1102.5 prohibits retaliation against employees who “blow the whistle” by notifying a government agency on or refusing to participate in an activity that would violate any laws or regulations in the workplace.

Labor Code Section 98.6 prohibits retaliation against employees who file a complaint about labor code violations with the Labor Commissioner or the Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

Labor Code 6399.7 prohibits retaliation against employees for filing a complaint or testifying on occupational safety and health issues.

Government Code Section 12653 et al. prohibits retaliation against employees who report to a government entity any fraudulent or illegitimate billing that was improperly submitted for payment to the government.

Government Code Section 12940(h) prohibits retaliation against employees who oppose discrimination or harassment based on race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, sex, age, or sexual orientation.

Within the health care industry, the Health and Safety Code Section 1278.5 prohibits retaliation against patients, physicians, nurses, and medical staff who whistleblow to the government or its agencies on patient care issues at a healthcare facility.

California has its own Whistleblower Protection Act at Government Code Sections 8547-8547.12 which specifically protects state employees against retribution from reporting waste, fraud, abuse of authority, violation of law or threat to publish health.

If you believe that you have a whistleblower or qui tam claim, or experienced retaliation for reporting illegal activity, contact the experienced employment law attorneys at Stephen Danz & Associates to discuss your legal options.   For a free review of your case, speak to our Pasadena whistleblower and qui tam attorneys today by calling us at 877-789-9707.



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I would love to fly you both to Hawaii for an all expense paid vacation, but my wife would kill me as we are still in the “postponed” phase of our honeymoon due to lack of funds. At the moment, I give you my most sincere appreciation. I understand that you are both business persons, and had the issue gone to trial or arbitration, much money could have been made. At no time though, did I sense that your motivation was driven by a desire to win money. You both seemed genuinely driven by a desire to help someone who did not readily see how to help himself. That to me is the definition of love and compassion. Thank you for treating my wife, daughter, and I with such love and compassion.
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