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A whistleblower is an employee who identifies illegal activity by their employer in the workplace. Stephen Danz & Associates is a statewide California employment attorney representing whistleblowers. Our firm is considered one of the most successful and experienced law firms representing Los Angeles whistleblowers.

Los Angeles whistleblowers who report an employer’s illegal conduct or fail to participate in such conduct may have the basis for a civil claim for wrongful termination, retaliatory demotion, or other illegal adverse employment action.

If you are a Los Angeles Whistleblower and have been retaliated against for filing, threatening, or participating in a claim or complaint with the Labor Commissioner, Stephen Danz & Associates is the employment attorney in Los Angeles that can help. Our Los Angeles whistleblower attorneys work with clients to protect their rights under the labor code and to facilitate actions needed by these rights.

You Need To Speak to a Qualified Los Angeles Whistleblower Attorney

Whistleblower cases can be difficult to prove and settle with your current or former employer. You need the legal representation of an experienced whistleblower lawyer at Stephen Danz & Associates if you think you have been subjected to illegal retaliation in the workplace. Our law firm can help you streamline the process with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing and put a priority on your case against your employer.

As a Los Angeles Whistleblower, You Are Not Alone

If you have evidence of illegal acts being committed by your employer, you need to speak to our whistleblower attorneys in Los Angeles. We are a dedicated law firm for plaintiff employment law. This means we never represent employers, no matter how good the case or ever take any other case besides ones representing employees with troubles in the workforce.

Stephen Danz & Associates represents employees who have suffered adverse personnel actions for reporting:

  • Falsification of loan documents, invoices, and other financial documents
  • Sexual harassment, unfair or deceptive business practices, racial discrimination, and other employment law violations
  • IRS & Tax Fraud
  • Violations of health and safety regulations
  • Violations of obligations to shareholders or partners in the business

Qui Tam Los Angeles Attorney

People with first-hand knowledge who report employer fraud in government contracts may be entitled to a portion of any money recovered. At Stephen Danz & Associates, we help whistleblowers root out corruption using the Qui Tam laws of the federal False Claims Act and California state laws. Our Qui Tam employment attorneys are experienced advocates who are dedicated to bringing our clients the right settlement for their case against their employer’s wrongdoings.  

At Stephen Danz & Associates our whistleblower and qui tam cases are only on a contingency basis. this means you will owe a fee only if our law firm recovers compensation for you.

On behalf of Los Angeles Whistleblowers, our lawyers bring:

  • Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) whistleblower claims under the reward program created by the Dodd-Frank Act.
  • Internal Revenue Services (IRS) whistleblower claims under the IRS whistleblower reward program
  • Qui tam cases involving Medicare fraud, pharma fraud, defense contractor fraud and other types of fraud against the government under the U.S. False Claims Act and state false claims laws.

Our experienced Los Angeles whistleblowers can provide you the leverage you need for the best possible result in your hearings. Our whistleblower law firm will pursue the maximum and fair compensation you deserve for your case, including physical, emotional, financial and punitive damages against your employer should there any.


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